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What’s Included in the CIT  Representation Model?

The vast majority of independent public employee associations that Goyette & Associates represents get the following services for $300-500 a year per member (generally, the larger the unit, the lower the per member rate):

– Collective Bargaining. Coordination and participation in all stages of the collective bargaining process between the association and the employer, including negotiating contracts and side letter agreements.

– Contract Enforcement (Grievances). Making sure that the employer follows the contract by pursuing administrative grievances.

– Investigation Representation. If an association member is being investigated, preparing for and attending any interview or interrogation of the employee.

– Disciplinary Defense. Defending an association member against disciplinary actions (written reprimand, reduction in salary, suspension, demotion, or termination), all the way through the process from beginning to end.

– General Legal Counsel. Provide general legal advice and counsel to the association on matters that pertain to the association as a business organization, duty of fair representation, and other legal issues.

– Free Consultation for Individual Members. On any legal matter, an association member is encouraged to contact Goyette & Associates and get a free consultation. On some matters that are beyond the scope of expertise of the law firm, referrals to reputable local counsel are often made.

The list of services above covers over 95% of the legal and labor needs of an employee association. Occasionally, an association is involved in a lawsuit. When that comes up, Goyette & Associates usually handles it for the association, and always a reduced rate as an existing client.

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